Críostóir Brian Ó Súilleabháin (redscarfboy) wrote,
Críostóir Brian Ó Súilleabháin

The Debate.

What a freaking bloodbath! All I can say is:
1. That was the best two hours of television I've seen since the Amazing Race finale.
2. I'm utterly excited about this campaign now. Democrats really have something to celebrate and we have a leader we can really stand behind, and who really stands behind us.
3. If Kerry could do this well on the debate on foreign policy this well, imagine how well it's going to go on the 13th when the issue is domestic policy.
4. And finally, if the goal of the candidates was to get the undecided vote, Kerry nailed it. Bush's main argument was that Kerry was a "flip-flopper", but all we saw was a stead-fast and unwavering senator with a message and body-language to match. Anyone who's undecided and open-minded saw an elloquent and hard-hitting candidate tear the president down. This is huge for the democrats.

In the coming days, we have to talk to everyone we know, go to school with, and work with and through conversation, really go on about how well Kerry came across and how foolish and incompetent Bush appeared. The media will help, and in the coming days, the polls will change to reflect more accurately the performance of these men tonight, the failure of the Bush presidency, and the promise of the Kerry presidency.
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