Críostóir Brian Ó Súilleabháin (redscarfboy) wrote,
Críostóir Brian Ó Súilleabháin

Happy Halloween!

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I shall be drinking that beer tonight..........

sorry for the random comment.......
hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. arrrr!
Very ... fitting :)
so...are you saying you've always thought of me as a drunken irish sailor?
haha, that's great.
what did you end up being? something slutty?

if not, just say you were, ok? :P
What's in the pipe?
harp lager.


12 years ago

I love it! Very authentic .. you just need to be wearing a tweed jacket.
Well, the cashmere turtleneck with holes in it cost me $20...I wasn't about to shell out any more cash on the costume. That's why I bought my pipe for $1.08.

I loved it too. That's why I put three weeks' effort into growing a beard for it. I'm going to have to do this costume again sometime. You got like...rubber pants and galoshes?
Arrr, drunken sailor!
Arrrr, matey. What be you this Halloween, landlubber?


12 years ago


Is there any Halloweening in Hong Kong?
Where's your costume?
Costume? What would I need a costume for? What are you talking about? You're weird. :P
ha! that's really lovely!
thanks! your costume was nice as well. ;)
i thought someone else would have guessed you were a young Hemingway, or perhaps a Young Man and the Sea.
Nah...I was far less literary. I was just a drunken Irish sailor. Arrr!!! Maybe next year I'll be Shakespere on crack or something...
Hahah! :D

Did you dress up? Any pics?


12 years ago

yeah. ein seemann :)
I'm gonna be redscarfgirl.
Rarr! What does that costume consist of? Make sure you take pictures and everything. ;)


12 years ago

thats fantastic.
thanks! what were you?
That picture is adorable.