Críostóir Brian Ó Súilleabháin (redscarfboy) wrote,
Críostóir Brian Ó Súilleabháin


My girlfriend's coming to visit me tomorrow. I thought it therefore appropriate to share with you guys a song I wrote about getting ready for my last trans-atlantic voyage.

Arrgh! It's a sea shanty! Err...not really.


where I belong, it's where I belong
on both sides of the ocean
i wasn't made to make this decision

i got one ship with five anchors all buried deep underground under the ocean
i got one vessel, it was made for movement, but these anchors are tearing it apart in its place, i'm...

holding my breath, i'm sailing over the ocean
i got no house of my own
but i got five places that feel like home

i got a one-way ticket across the ocean, i got one vessel, it was made for movement,
but it can't beat with all this tugging and pulling, these anchors are tearing my heart apart

this ridge that runs right through me
i got lava for blood
pushing my chambers apart from each other
erupting with a rupture

this vessel can't stay together with all this pulling and pushing from both inside and out
fighting to stay in place yet drifting away, these continental plates are destined to break

carried by shifting tides, surrounded by fault lines,
i got waves breaking on me, i'm lost at sea

i got one ship in need of constant movement, i got anchors trying to tie me down,
and the only way i can keep my heart from breaking is to keep on sailing and coming back again and again

I'm sorry I'm so reclusive and not reading anyone's journals any longer. I really do want to know what's going on in your lives and I need to figure out a way to get back into livejournaling and blogging, etc. Let mw know if anyone has any suggestions. And no hard feelings, ok?

P.S.: Happy Valentine's Day.

(This is also my seven-year anniversary of being a licensed driver. Neat, eh?)
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i was wondering if you FELL OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH. glad to hear you're well. hee.
It NYC really *on* the face of the earth, per se? I don't know what that's really supposed to mean.

Well anyway, did you like the song?
Heh, that's cool. Valentine's Day was the 13th anniversary of my getting my learner's permit.

I'd say, just make reading your friends list part of your daily web-surfing (assuming you have daily websurfing). It goes much faster than reading individual journals, although you miss out on whatever nifty formatting folks have put in their journals.
I've only ever read my friends' list page anyway. Maybe I just have too many friends, but it's way too much to manage. Besides, I don't really surf the internet anymore. I just work and stuff. It's ugg.
Hey! I figured that you'd be alright and simply too busy. Enjoy your time with her! *hugs*
Yeah, that's more or less the case. But yeah...I miss certain aspects of being unemployed/underemployed/a student. Others, such as the money-aspect I don't really miss. I wish I could just work less and make less money or something...
Oh, and I love the song!
Thanks! At least someone did!
Not a bad tune.

As for blogging/LJ-ing... just do it when you feel like it. no one is obligated to read everything, are they? If so I've really been a slacker.
Thanks!'s just I used to have my routine, people I'd talk to. I'm just not doing that anymore. I miss youze guys [yinz], you know?
Isn't "youze" sufficient?

I promise, I'll try to be in New York sometime when we can get a beer together. :)
that would be one badass sea shanty.
hope the visit was wondermous. :)
Thanks! I think, however, that comparitively, people seem to like it less than my other work, which, of course, only means that I'm becoming a worse musician. :P Not really.
The visit is still going on! It's continuous! It's awesome! And it's going well. How are things going for you?
hi chris, it's me, carolina from germany.
I got a new journal and want to add me back.

if you like...