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"Ekkert mál fyrir Jón Pál!"

Críostóir Brian Ó Súilleabháin
19 December
After spending 18 years growing up outside of Philadelphia, I went to the University of Pittsburgh where I studied German (DaF) and Linguistics (and minored in French). Somehow as an undergrad I got a job teaching other undergrads Swedish. It seemed to go surprisingly well. I then decided to move to Germany. I spent a year living in Kiel, Germany (north of Hamburg) studying Scandinavian Studies (Icelandic, Swedish and Danish) and teaching English, where I also fell in love with an Ossi named Antje. I currently live in Brooklyn and work as a proofreader at a translation firm. And I miss my girlfriend a lot.

I want to say that, under my interests, 'ddr' does NOT refer to "Dance Dance Revolution" but rather "Deutsche Demokratische Republik" or the country formerly known as "East Germany".
airports, aloha, anabaptists, andri snær magnason, archers of loaf, bagels, beer, belly buttons, bicycles, bike riding, bikes, biking, björk, c-command, cap’n jazz, carlsberg, christmas, code-switching, coffee, college radio dj-ing, conan o'brian, copenhagen, culture, cutting my own hair, danish, danmark, dansk, ddr, denmark, deutsch, deutschland, dialects, döner kebap, etymology, europe, fahrradfahren, faraquet, faroe islands, faroese, flensburg, flensburger, foreign films, foreign languages, frikadeller, fyn, german, germanic languages, germany, ghosts and vodka, girls, godin guitars, grammar, guitar, gutnish, göteborg, halldór laxness, him, hugs, iceland, icelandic, ida, idiosyncracies, ikea, imperfections, indie rock, interdentals, ireland, irish gaelic, jawbox, jeff buckley, jonas gardell, kiel, kings of convenience, koop, köttbullar, københavn, languages, linguistics, massages, media pa, minidisks, mixtapes, mountain biking, moving to nyc, mál, mål, múm, noam chomsky, nobel prizes, norden, norway, nudity, odense, ostsee, pennsylvania, photography, physical contact, pinback, q and not u, reykjavík, rocking out, rumah sakit, rune stones, runstenar, scandinavia, scandinavian languages, scandinavian literature, schleswig-holstein, scrabble, sideburns, sigtuna, sigur rós, sjælland, skandinavien, sleep, snow, snuggling, sprachwissenschaft, sprog, språk, state quarters, stockholm, svenska, sverige, sweden, swedish, syntactic theory, sønderjylland, taking pictures (the band), the avalanches, throwing you into_the pool, tickling, time travel, tjörnin, trains, traveling, trees, tuborg, tórshavn, universal grammar, uno, uppsala, used book stores, vatnajökull, words, wpts, x-bar theory, Þingvellír, ísland, íslenska